Far from being a luxury, Protection Insurance should be considered essential, especially if you have a family or people that rely on your income.
If you suffered a serious illness or injury, you may lose your income. Worst case scenario this could lead to you losing your home.


Similarly, if you died, your loved ones may be unable to maintain their current lifestyle without your income.


But with the right level of Life and Protection Insurance, you may be able to:

Pay off your mortgage

Maintain your or your family’s lifestyle

Pay for replacement childcare

Cover school or university fees

Pay for specialist nursing support

You may already have Life and Protection Insurance in place, but it’s still worthwhile reviewing your current cover levels. Personal circumstances can change regularly so it’s important to ensure your level of cover is appropriate.

Life Assurance


Life Insurance (sometimes known as Life Assurance) helps provide financial security for people who depend on you, should you die.

Although money can’t replace a loved one, it can help those left behind to weather the financial storm. For example, it could pay off the mortgage or provide an income to help cover regular household expenditure.

There are different types of Life Insurance – the most appropriate type for you will depend on your circumstances. Life Insurance will pay out either a single lump sum (sum insured) or a regular income when you die.

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Critical Illness


Critical Illness Insurance pays out a tax-free lump sum on the diagnosis of certain life-threatening or debilitating (but not fatal) conditions including heart attack, stroke, cancer and major organ transplants. This list will vary depending on the insurer, as will the exclusions for making a claim.


Policies usually only pay out once, so they don’t necessarily replace your regular income, but you can use the money towards medical treatment, your mortgage or anything else you choose.


Many people buy Critical Illness Insurance when they take on a major commitment, like a mortgage, or start a family. However, since we’d all like to have our financial commitments lightened if we were to suffer a serious illness or injury, the cover is relevant for most of us at any time.

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Income Protection


Income Protection Insurance pays out a regular tax-free percentage of your income if you become unable to work because of illness or injury.  It could help you keep up with your mortgage repayments and other living costs until you’re able to return to work, die, retire or the policy end date, whichever comes first.

Policies have a waiting period before they pay out, which begins when you become unable to work. The longer the period chosen, the lower your premium. It’s a good idea to find out what your employer would pay you, and what state benefits might be available so you can choose an appropriate waiting period. The premium you’ll pay will vary depending on your age, health and job, as well as the level of income you wish to protect.

If you become ill or suffer an injury during your working life, an Income Protection policy can help protect against a loss of income.

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